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Jan 7th

Before You Buy Glass Sex Toys

By Holistic Wisdom
Nontoxic Glass Sex ToysGlass sex toys have become quite popular and there are many glass dildos on the market today from which to choose. Pyrex glass has no pores and is not absorbant so it is easily sanitized making it one of the safest sex toys when it comes to STD prevention and protection from harmful bacteria. Glass does not stain and can be not only a durable sex toy that will last a life time but is also quite beautiful.

However, not all glass sex toys are safe to use and some of them contain toxins. In some cases if a weak glass is used or the glass sex toy is not made by a Master Glass Blower you could end up with something that will crack or even break. Also beware of those that have colored paint on or just underneath the surface and not sealed properly as it can contain arsenic, lead, mercury, sulfides, antimony, chromates and many other toxins.

It is important that only a medical form of Pyrex™ glass is used and that it is hand blown using patented designs called Borosilicate. Pyrex™ is a brand name of borosilicate glass. The glass that we use in the dildos that we sell, as opposed to regular  Pyrex™ is German Schott glass, which is a medical grade of borosilicate and is even more pristine than standard Pyrex™ glass.

Dec 8th

Discreet Sex Toys

By Holistic Wisdom
O Balm Vibrator by Screaming OSometimes you simply do not want a nosey roommate or child knowing that you have sex toys. Even with ways to hide your sex toys, you may want to consider getting a sex toy that does not look like one. There are many disguised vibrators on the market that would fool most people into thinking you have something like a simple tube of Chapstick / lip balm such as with the new Screaming O Studio Collection O Balm Stick Vibe. Take a look and see what creative ways you can have sexual fun with no one being the wiser.

See Discreet Vibrators
Nov 23rd

How to Check for Parabens in your Lubricant

By Holistic Wisdom

With the big trend being to get personal lubricants that are Paraben Free, many consumers are on the look out for them. But, how do you know if there are Parabens in the lubricant you are currently using?

Parabens are identifiable as the word ‘paraben’ will be seen at the end of the word in the ingredients. For example- Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Heptylparaben, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, etc.

Make sure to check out our purity award winning lubricants to see the best options-


Oct 8th

Holistic Approaches for a Swollen Prostate

By Holistic Wisdom
If you or someone you know is looking for holistic approaches such as herbal remedies and nutritional suggestions for a swollen prostate then we have a great resource for you which will provide you with helpful suggestions. See the article through our main website here-

Sep 5th

3D Printed Sex Toys- Are They Safe?

By Holistic Wisdom

3d Printed Sex ToysThere is a lot of talk these days about all the amazing things that 3D printers can make and with that are those that are desiring to make 3D printed sex toys. However, the real question is are they safe to use?

Learn more about 3D printed sex toys, how they are made and what you can and cannot do to make safe sex toys to use at home-


Jul 24th

Fifty Shades Sex Toy News

By Holistic Wisdom
In  Fifty Shades news, the trailer is being released tomorrow - July 24th 2014 and will reveal glimpses into the hot and heavy scenes of the highly anticipated movie.

With many fans buying the Fifty Shades sex toys and related products there are some things you may want to know about them such as the difference between U.K. lubricants versus the U.S. versions and even a change that has been made to an existing Fifty Shades toy called the Charlie Tango.

Learn more through this helpful article-

Ten Things You May Not Know About the Fifty Shades Sex Toys
Jun 28th

New Vibrating Hollow Dildo

By Holistic Wisdom
Hollow Vibrating DildoThe Pipedream Wonderful Wabbit & Dolphin Hollow Strap-Ons are perfect for those with Erectile Dysfunction. They also provide a female partner with clitoral and gspot stimulation making it a satisfying solution to ED and wanting to have longer sex. Read more and learn how to buy one on sale here-

Jun 5th

Sqweel Go by Love Honey

By Holistic Wisdom

Sqweel Go by Love HoneyThe Sqweel Wheel by Love Honey has been a very popular selling oral sex toy but it has a new rival that is outdoing it in customer reviews. The new Sqweel Go is a smaller, yet still powerful version of the product that offers a USB rechargable power source making it much more user friendly.

To find out where to get it on sale and read actual customer reviews make sure to check out the Sqweel Go here-


May 1st

The New Hula Beads by LELO

By Holistic Wisdom

There is a lot of talk among women about the new Hula Beads by LELO, find out what they do and why customer reviews of the Hula Beads are off the charts good.

Jan 5th

New & True Erotic Story

By Holistic Wisdom

Enjoy this new, true erotic story from one of our customers-

The Last Fling