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Aug 9th

Sex Toys: Toxins, Chemical Melting & More

By Holistic Wisdom

Melting Sex Toys

Make sure to check out our article in regard to toxins found in sex toys as well as how to properly store them to avoid chemical melting. Also learn what lubricants to use with different sex toy materials.

See our article-
Sex Toys:
Toxins, Chemical Melting & More

Aug 7th

Pulse III Solo & Duo by Hot Octopuss Review

By Holistic Wisdom

Pulse by Hot OctopussMany men find it difficult to find a sex toy for them when they have Erectile Dysfunction (ED) because most masturbation sleeves require an erection. Finding a masturbation sleeve when a man has a flaccid penis was near impossible, until now.

We are pleased to say that we have added a new product to our website imported from the U.K. and engineered from the design of a medical device that is used to help men ejaculate for conception purposes when they are not able to achieve an erection. It is called the Pulse II and made by Hot Octopuss and we not only have it on sale, but use coupon code FABFIFTEEN and get another 15% off the sales price on our site!

This product can also be used for men who are able to get semi-erections as well as full erections so it is effective for all men who desire sexual stimulation. In addition, it can also be used for couples where he wears it and is stimulated while she rests or grinds on top of him while wearing it.

What we were really impressed with for men who have ED is that the Pulse by Hot Octopuss may actually help to improve blood flow in the penis and improve circulation which may aid with sexual performance.

We highly recommend the Pulse III by Hot Octopuss and you can get it here and don’t forget to use your coupon for it!

Feb 12th

Effective Sex Toys for Men with ED

By Holistic Wisdom

With so many sex toys on the market, many men still find themselves wondering what products they can use to bring themselves sexual gratification when they struggle with issues of Erectile Dysfunction (A.K.A. - Impotence), so that is why we review the best product options below-

ED Sex Toys

Dec 20th

The Fuzzy Sock that Warms Your Junk

By Holistic Wisdom

One of our more hilarious gag gifts for Christmas. A Snuggie for his manhood. LOL -


Dec 5th

Great Holiday Gift Idea: The Sneaky Sack

By Holistic Wisdom

Sneaky Sack

Sneaky Sack

Years ago we created a product for people to discreetly hide their sexual products and valuables and I am proud to say that we have had nothing but positive reviews on it. In fact, we have learned people are using it to hide all kinds of items they want to keep hidden from kids, roommates, maids and more at home or even when they travel. We even have seniors in nursing homes who love it.

If you have not seen our Sneaky Sack, make sure to check it out as it makes a great holiday gift and you can get 15% Off now when you use coupon code HOLIDAY


May 3rd

Grace and Frankie- Sex Toys for Older Women

By Holistic Wisdom

If you enjoy the hit show as seen on Netflix- Grace and Frankie starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, then the topic of sex toys for elderly women is something you will be familiar with as in season three they launch their company Vybrant and introduce their first Ménage à Moi vibrator

Many who watch the show want to know if this is a real sex toy and if so where can you get one? After all, the fictional sex toy distributor Purple Orchid in the show is not selling them.

If you want to learn more and are okay with some spoilers, check out the inside scoop into the real life review of the Ménage à Moi by Vybrant-


Dec 3rd

The Womanizer Vibrator Review

By Holistic Wisdom


The Womanizer Vibrator has many women talking because it is not a vibrator, but features light suction and pulsing which is proving to be quite an orgasmic toy and good for increased blood flow to the clitoris and sexual health.

See an in-depth customer review and get it on sale-


Oct 12th

Sex Toy Sale

By Holistic Wisdom

Enjoy our sale prices and take an additional 15% off ANY order through Sunday. Use Coupon Code: FABFIFTEEN

Oct 3rd

The Latest Erotic Stories

By Holistic Wisdom

Free Erotic StoriesEnjoy everything from true erotic stories to fictional sex stories written to spark your imagination.

See new erotic stories every week and learn how to submit your own with your name, pen name or even anonymously.

See Free Erotic Stories

Sep 1st

Labor Day Sale!

By Holistic Wisdom



In honor of Labor Day, we want to extend a special discount that you can use in addition to our sale prices!


Take 15% off ANY order through 9-5-16.

Use Coupon Code: LABORDAY





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