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Jan 1st

What You Need to Know About UTI's & Meat Consumption

By Holistic Wisdom

Our article on Urinary Infections has just been updated with a new section- 'What You Need to Know About UTI's & Meat Consumption'. It is pretty shocking to find that women may be getting chronic UTI's from simply eating and/or preparing meat. Learn more through the link below-


Dec 22nd

How to Choose the Size of a Dildo

By Holistic Wisdom

There are several factors to consider when choosing the size of your dildo.

Make sure to read our Dildo Size Guide to review -

  • Diameter Vs. Circumference
  • Insertable Length Vs. Total Length
  • Flared Base & Testicles
  • Testing for Size Comfort
  • Definition of Realistic Dildos
  • How to Use a Larger Dildo
  • How to Change the Size & Functions of Your Dildo
  • Flexibility Factor
  • Determining Your Options & Goals


Jan 22nd

What are the Best Sexual Herbs & Vitamins?

By Holistic Wisdom
With so many wanting to improve their sex life, it is easy to understand why there is interest in learning about the best sexual herbs and vitamins to take. While some can positively influence your health, some can also cause health issues so make sure to become educated about them before you take them.

See our sexual health article:
Sexual Herbs & Vitamins for Increased Sexual Performance
Nov 23rd

How to Check for Parabens in your Lubricant

By Holistic Wisdom

With the big trend being to get personal lubricants that are Paraben Free, many consumers are on the look out for them. But, how do you know if there are Parabens in the lubricant you are currently using?

Parabens are identifiable as the word ‘paraben’ will be seen at the end of the word in the ingredients. For example- Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, Heptylparaben, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, etc.

Make sure to check out our purity award winning lubricants to see the best options-


Mar 19th

How to Make Ejaculate Taste Better

By Holistic Wisdom
If you are like many looking to make your ejaculate taste and even smell sweeter, then make sure to check out our article -

Ejaculation Enhancement
Improve the Taste & Smell of Your Ejaculate
Feb 1st

Health Benefits of Sex & Masturbation

By Holistic Wisdom
Lisa Lawless, Ph.D.Touching someone has an amazing number of physical, mental and emotional health benefits. However, having sex and masturbating have even more.

Read our article Health Benefits of Sex & Masturbation to learn why you should touch yourself or someone special right now!
May 22nd

Sexual Empowerment for Women

By Holistic Wisdom

For centuries women in our culture have often been taught to repress their sexuality. Even today we still have people using derogatory terms for a woman who embraces her sexuality. There are also many people that still believe that women are not meant to enjoy sex and should focus on the pleasure of a male partner or on the purpose of procreation.

We are slowly coming around, yet it seems often it is happening in a predominantly superficial manner. Most of the focus of a woman's sexuality today is about her appearance. This is far from a woman's most powerful part of her sexual nature. All women have a beautiful, sensual goddess within them that longs to feel the psychological freedom of being a sexually dynamic female.

Evolved and healthy sexuality is not about having power over others through our surface appearance; it is about feeling empowered about ourselves. There is a big difference here and it is unmistakable to those who have experienced it. This is not to say that taking care of one's self is not healthy or a wonderful part of being a woman. It is very important, as the way we treat ourselves and doing what makes us feel our best about ourselves is self-nurturing and positive. However, what we do for ourselves should be done out of self love, not low self esteem. Focusing on the need to be better than others, to have power over someone by being physically attractive is a waste of our time.

It is time to see a new revolution of sexuality in women… not one of defensiveness, repression or superficial focus, but a revolution that leads us to a more evolved place... a self empowered sexuality that exudes the best of who we can be.

May 18th

Best Sexual Hygiene Products

By Holistic Wisdom
Sexual Hygiene Products
If you are looking for the best in sexual health hygiene products,  that offer natural and organic ingredients, then we have a new line called AfterCare products that neutralize odors, provide clean and fresh cleansing before and after sex. That way you are always at your sexual best and have the confidence that will allow you to relax, perform and enjoy sex even more with your lover.

See all of our sexual hygiene products, including our new Travel set that allows you to sample them all and makes it easy to take them on the go-

AfterCare Sexual Hygiene Products
Apr 26th

Pubic Hair Shaving: An Essential Must Have

By Holistic Wisdom

Dare to Be Bare After Shave OilAfter pubic hair shaving, use this oil to prevent itching, and red bumps.

Dare to Be Bare Miracle Oil by Earthly Body contains 8 healthy oils that help prevent infections, while allowing skin to feel smooth and irritation free.

Apr 26th

Labiaplasty: Surgery for Long Vaginal Lips

By Holistic Wisdom

A trend that has become more and more popular, especially with women who have given birth, is to have labiaplasty. This means that women have their vaginal lips (labia) surgically altered to make them smaller and more even.

Read more about why it is not all about the cosmetic look of the vagina, but how health is impacted as well-