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Jun 1st

30 Years with the AIDS Epidemic

By JLawless
This week is the 30 year mark of the AIDS epidemic. Thirty long years of losing family and friends to a disease that is easily avoided with the proper precautions and education. 

While we have made great strides in fighting AIDS,   we still have not defeated it. People are still being infected.  Although the numbers of deaths due to AIDS has dropped, people are still dying and will continue to die for the foreseeable future.  It is estimated that there are currently one million HIV + people living in the United States, and 20 percent of those living with HIV do not even know they are infected. 

Most of the people who are infected (but do not know it) will pass the disease on to other people.  Getting tested and knowing your status is one of the most effective tools for stopping AIDS.  If you do not know your status I highly recommend getting tested.  If you are HIV positive, the earlier you start treatment the better your chances of living a long life and being less likely to spread infection as the new medicines help reduce transmission rates.

AIDSVu has released a interactive map of the United states that lets users learn about the epidemic throughout the country.
May 30th

Santorum has a Google Problem

By JLawless
In 2003, Rick Santorum, a Republican senator from Pennsylvania tried to equated gay unions with “man on dog” sex.  This angered gay activists across the country and columnist Dan Savage decided to do something about it. Dan asked his followers to come up with a sexual meaning for the word Santorum. Suggestions poured in and were listed and voted on by readers.

Dan suggested to his readers that the definition should be a ‘thing’ and not an ‘action’ as he could never see himself ‘Santoruming’ someone he liked. In the end it was decided that the definition for Santorum would be- “A frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the by-product of anal sex.”
Dan started a few websites that featured the definition of the word with the addition of his reader’s letters featured as the main content. Due to the fact that the website dealt only with this content they shot up the search rankings to become number one in Google’s results.

This effectively moved Rick Santorum’s own website results to the ninth slot in searches for Rick Santorum and some colorful posts to the top.

What was a nice twist to the story is that Dan offered to take his sites down in 2010. All he requested of Mr. Santorum was to make a 5 million dollar donation to the gay rights group - Freedom to Marry.
May 16th

Sex in the great outdoors

By JLawless

How many of us have made love in a meadow bursting with wild flowers or next to a mountain stream? Who among us has dared to make love on the side of a mountain under blue sunny skies? I have, and it’s a thrill!

   Sex in outdoors adds a little danger to sex that makes it thrilling. Will we be seen, are we gonna get caught, was that a mountain lion I just heard? All these new possibilities really can get you’re your heart going and be an exhilarating experience and not one to be missed. It is something everyone should do at least once in their lives.

   The mountains of Colorado in the summer are a perfect destination for a little outdoor love. The weather is warm; the air is fragrant with the smell of mountain pines. We chose a large bolder in a clearing on the side of the mountain above Lily Lake.   The clearing was off a well traveled path and hidden by the pine trees. Some may opt for a spot that has a higher potential for exposure, but we wanted just to experience sex in the open and not be observed unless it happened accidentally. The sun had warmed the rock and made it nice against bare flesh. Because we were in a spot that we felt comfortable it was nice and relaxed.

   For other people the thrill of being caught or seen is the part of the experience that they are looking for. While I have no problem with this I would advise not to do it in a place you are likely to have children stumble across you. Also remember that being caught in the current environment may lead to being forced to register as a sex offender. I too have had the thrill of being watched as well. It was the bank of the American river in California in my youth and I remember distinctly the cheers echoing across the water from a group of partying drunks. It was a turn on and worth the risk at the time. The most we would have gotten would have been a ticket for indecent exposure.

   There are a few things you should watch out for when having sex outside. Check the area for snakes, poisonous bugs, and large predatory animals. As far as I know it’s hard enough to ward off a bear or mountain lion attack fully clothed, Imagine how hard it would be totally naked with an erection. I personally do not advise people to wear sunscreen but if you are one of those burning types it might be a good idea. Just for the record, sunscreen is not a lubricant and should never be used as one. I might also recommend a good bug spray as no one wants Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spotted fever. I know the thrill of being seen may be high on your list of things to try sexually, but I must warn against it if you are in the USA or some other religiously repressive place. No one wants to get stoned to death for a little outdoor fun.

So what do you think? Have you ever had the pleasure of making love outside? Tell us the details!

lily lake copy.jpg
May 15th

Early HIV treatment leads to lower infection rates.

By JLawless

A recent study shows that early treatment for a person with HIV will lower transmission rates. This underscores how important it is to be tested often when you are not in a committed relationship and when you are starting a new relationship.

A nine nation study has come to the conclusion that early HIV treatment doesn’t just benefit the patient but also benefits the community by lowering the possibilities of the treated patient spreading the virus. Patients who are treated early are 96% less likely to spread the disease to HIV negative partners.

The study included 1,763 couples that had one HIV positive partner and one HIV negative partner. The couples who were mostly heterosexual were randomly divided. Half of the HIV infected partners started medication immediately after diagnosis without paying attention to their viral loads. The other half waited to start after their CD4 cells dropped below 250 or developed symptoms.

The uninfected person in 28 of the couples became infected by their partner. Of those 28 couples only one was from the half that began treatment early.

Apr 26th

Holistic Wisdom videos

By JLawless

I have recently been reminded that Holistic Wisdom put out a video commercial a few years ago to promote our adult store. I’d love to see our community members rate it on Funny or Not. It looks like at 245 views I’m 93% funny. I’d like to think of my self as 100% funny but I guess you have to play the hand you are dealt.

My wife has put together a new video commercial and I think it’s 100% funny. It’s about a robot that loses his junk and how his buddy helps him come up with a solution that works. I’d tell you more but I don’t want to give it away. It does involve sex toys, that much I'll say.

Apr 19th

Celebrate Earth Day with an eco friendly toy!

By JLawless
April 22nd is Earth day and what better way to celebrate it than treating yourself to a green eco friendly sex toy, and no sex toy says I love the earth like a phallix glass dildo.  Each Phallix dildo is a work of art. Unlike normal sex toys that break and are tossed in the trash Phallix toys are hand crafted from super strong pyrex glass that last for years and years thus reducing land fill space.  Use coupon code FEACCESS to get 10% off and a free E-book with any purchase over $34.00.