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Sep 11th

Free Sex Toys: Check Out Our Coupons

By Holistic Wisdom

Free Sex Toys
We have some fun and free toys when you place an order with us so make sure to take advantage of some of our generous coupons-

Holistic Wisdom Coupons

Sep 2nd

Sexual Products for Erectile Dysfunction

By Holistic Wisdom

By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.

One of the biggest problems I have seen with erectile dysfunction (ED) and penis enlargement pills is that they are often dangerous and are pulled from the market after lawsuits hit them. In fact, that is why my own sexual health company does not carry them. I have seen our competitors sell them only to see the same products pulled months later for having caused serious health problems for men. Bottom line is that I just cannot in good conscience sell something that could be harmful to someone.

One of the most important ways to address ED is through proper nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management. Not a quick and sexy way to address it, but ED is often a side effect caused by other health issues such as diabetes, prostate enlargement, etc. which can all be addressed by the changes I just listed. Two great books that I would recommend for better nutrition are Super Immunity and Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

It is disheartening to see men who really need help taken advantage of with gimmicks of things that do not take their health and welfare into consideration. Because of this, I also put together an article of the things that are options for men with ED that are not drug related-


Jun 20th

GSpot 3 OH By OhMiBod Review & Sale

By Holistic Wisdom

GSpot 3 OHVery cool vibrator that vibrates to music or someone's voice on your smartphone-

GSpot 3 OH
By OhMiBod

Apr 27th

Aluminum Sex Toys: Reviews & Sale

By Holistic Wisdom

Aluminum Sex ToysAluminum sex toys- dildos, vibrators, butt plugs are quite popular as they are easy to cool and warm for added sensation and they are nonporous so they do not easily harbor bacteria and are very easy to clean.

Learn what customer reviews say about them, where to get them on sale and where to buy those that are lead, cadmium and nickel free through the Pure Aluminium™ line.

See Aluminum Sex Toys

Apr 22nd

Rechargeable Magic Wand by Hitachi: Reviews & Sale

By Holistic Wisdom

Rechargeable Magic Wand by HitachiYou don't have to be a connoisseur of sex toys to have heard of the Hitachi Magic Wand (a.k.a. Magic Wand) because it has a huge following among women as well as men. 

So that is why you shold hold on to your hats ladies and gents as a new rechargeable version is being released.

To see customer reviews as well as learn how to get one on sale then look no further. Learn more here-

Rechargeable Hitachi Magic Wand: Reviews & Sale



Mar 13th

Svakom Siime Eye / Gaga Eye

By Holistic Wisdom

Avakom Siime Eye / Gaga EyeThe Svakom Siime Eye / Gaga Eye is a new sex toy that has a vibrator and an HD wireless internal-camera. The Siime Eye Gaga is essentially the updated version of the original which was called the Svakom Gaga Sex Selfie Stick. This amazing sex toy uses a WIFI enabled internal HD camera and allows pictures and video to be transmitted wirelessly to your computer, smart phone or a tablet through a WIFI broadcast from the Siime Eye Gaga.

So what is it like? Read customer reviews for the Siime Eye Gaga as well as learn more about it and get it on sale. Use coupon SVAKOM to get an additional 10% discount off the sale price and your entire order using the link below-

Svakom Siime Eye - Gaga Eye Vibrator

Jan 30th

JimmyJane Form 4 Featured In Newsweek

By Holistic Wisdom
JimmyJane Form 4With the Fifty Shades movie release coming on Valentine's Day, Newsweek just ran a special edition issue, titled “Fifty Shades: Exploring the Sexual Revolution.” The 99-page issue covers everything from the author to sex toy suggestions which includes Jimmyjane’s Form.

See what customers really think of this product and learn more about it here- JimmyJane Form 4 Reviews
Jan 22nd

What are the Best Sexual Herbs & Vitamins?

By Holistic Wisdom
With so many wanting to improve their sex life, it is easy to understand why there is interest in learning about the best sexual herbs and vitamins to take. While some can positively influence your health, some can also cause health issues so make sure to become educated about them before you take them.

See our sexual health article:
Sexual Herbs & Vitamins for Increased Sexual Performance
Jan 14th

Write An Erotic Story Get Free Sex Toys

By Holistic Wisdom

Free Sex Toys for Erotic Stories

Write An Erotic Story- 
Get a Free Sex Toy When We Publish
Your Erotica

Write an essay on an erotic story whether it be true or a fantasy to be eligible to have it posted in our Erotic Stories section. 

Learn more here-