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May 15th

Viagra Condom - A New Condom Pending Release

By Holistic Wisdom

The Futura Medical Company is looking to get a condom that contains a gel which has similar effects to Viagra. The gel is completely different than Viagra, however, many in the press are calling it the Viagra Condom. While Viagra gives help to men who have erectile dysfunction the gel is intended for men who begin to lose their erection from having put the condom on and disrupting sexual stimulation.

The company that looks to manufacture this condom has based the gel on a compound that treats angina by increasing blood flow to the heart. This may mean that there will be some health warnings attached to the new condom once and if it is released.

It is unclear how this condom is going to be much different than the stimulating lubricants that are already on the market. If you do decide to use a stimulating lubricant, we recommend only certain, natural brands that have less health risks involved in using them.

May 15th

New Book Exposes Sex Search Trends On The Internet

By Holistic Wisdom

A new book has been released showing what people are searching for when it comes to their sexually related searches on the Internet. Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam have co-authored a new book called “A Billion Wicked Thoughts,” which is being dubbed as the ‘Kinsey Reports in the mid-20th century’.

In the book they analyzed a billion web searches from around the world and found trends in what people are searching for when it comes to sex. What they found was rather interesting. Here are a few examples of things covered in their new book-

  • People search for sexual content based on curiosity, not just arousal factors. In fact curiosity leads people when they search for results.
  • Straight men search on porn sites that are devoted to elderly women and transsexuals.
  • Heterosexual men prefer heavier women to thin women.
  • Straight women enjoy reading about homosexual romances. This was also evidenced in the film “Brokeback Mountain” having had women as its largest audience.
  • Men fantasize about group sex than women and enjoy seeing men partaking in the sexual action.
  • Straight men are curious about seeing other men’s penises for comparison and norms.
  • Straight men prefer amateur porn because the orgasms are perceived as being more authentic.
  • Straight women and gay men prefer to be submissive when exploring domination and submissive sexual role playing.
  • Gay and straight men both have favorite body parts which include (in order of preference) – chests, butts and feet.
  • Men are drawn to small feet in women which indicate a high level of estrogen in women (a sign of being fertile).
  • Gay men enjoy watching heterosexual porn when there is group sex.

The top ten searches for sexual content on the internet were also released in the book. Here are the top sex searches for porn sites-

  1. Youth
  2. Gay
  3. MILFs
  4. Breasts
  5. Cheating wives
  6. Vaginas
  7. Penises
  8. Amateurs
May 14th

Temporary Penis Tattoos

By Holistic Wisdom
We are always amused at the new products that are coming out for sexual stimulation as well as sexual humor. These temporary penis tattoos were no exception. We found them to be rather humorous.

I immediately imagined by husband pulling down his pants for some sexual fun only to find his manhood dressed in a tuxedo or have a message for me on his manhood. I would be on the floor rolling with laughter and that might actually be a fun way to start the sex play. LOL

See What We Are Talking About: Temporary Penis Tattoos
Apr 26th

Holistic Wisdom videos

By JLawless

I have recently been reminded that Holistic Wisdom put out a video commercial a few years ago to promote our adult store. I’d love to see our community members rate it on Funny or Not. It looks like at 245 views I’m 93% funny. I’d like to think of my self as 100% funny but I guess you have to play the hand you are dealt.

My wife has put together a new video commercial and I think it’s 100% funny. It’s about a robot that loses his junk and how his buddy helps him come up with a solution that works. I’d tell you more but I don’t want to give it away. It does involve sex toys, that much I'll say.

Jun 8th

Is Sending Nude Pictures Normal or Healthy?

By Holistic Wisdom
Unless you don’t follow the news, you most likely have heard about the huge controversy surrounding lascivious photographs sent from Rep. Anthony Weiner's (D-N.Y.) Twitter account to multiple women while his wife was unaware and apparently is pregnant.

Is it normal to send nude pictures?

Many men send pictures of their penis to those they are sexually interested in and it is quite common. In fact, it is not only common but done by normal, healthy men who simply want to feel sexual appreciation. Women also do it (especially with emphasis on their breasts).

However, when it is done at the cost of a relationship or career there is a deeper issue; but sending lascivious pictures in and of itself is quite normal.

Unfortunately, Weiner’s choice to send his pictures was and will be at great cost to him personally and professionally. Choices like this, that carry a great deal of risk to one’s wellbeing and that of those they love, should always be more deeply evaluated as most likely there is a much deeper issue rather than just being an act of fun, sexual flirtation.

Healthy sexuality comes from knowing one’s self and honoring who we are through our behavior. Sending sexual pictures is appropriate when-

  • They are sent to someone who wishes to receive such pictures.
  • You are single or in an honest and open relationship.
  • What you are doing in those pictures is of a consenting adult(s).
  • You are not doing something that is illegal.
  • You have fully thought through the repercussions of sending such pictures and are willing to stand by your choice for the rest of your life.

Jun 16th

Best Sex Toy of the Day: The Cone

By Holistic Wisdom

The Cone Vibrator

The Cone vibrator is one of the more unique sex toys on the market as it is something that you can use in a variety  of ways.

 It can be used by men and women, solo or with a partner. With 16 different vibration modes and really powerful stimulation, it is a very popular item with customers.

Learn more or purchase The Cone.

The Cone- Instructions

Jun 19th

Sex Toy Review: Divine Inspiration

By Holistic Wisdom
divine-inspiration.jpgDivine Inspiration
by California Exotic Novelties

This is a unique sex toy as it is a rotating vibrator. The rotations come with one speed in one direction and then when you push the button again, it sends the tip spinning in the other direction at the same level of power.

The product is beautiful and has a fun and elegant look for a sex toy. It has a soft tip that is smooth to the touch (a soft velvety feel). It is small enough for easy storage and for holding in your hand. It would also be great for travel. The product is discreet as it can pass for a neck massager. The easy to use button makes using it effortless and it provides a moderate level of power with not too much sound.

It only rotates and vibrates at the same time. You cannot just set it to vibrate, which is a shortcoming in the design. The rotation may start to irritate even with ample lubricant after a while from the friction that the rotation creates. It is something that should be used for brief periods of time for that reason.


2.75”x 1.5”/ 7 cm x 4 cm (tip)
6.5”x 1.5”/ 17 cm x 4 cm (overall)

Easy to use button on bottom allows this sex toy to rotate while vibrating at the same time. Two modes allow for rotation to spin both clock wise and counter clock wise.


Nontoxic, Phthalate  free - Soft and plushy TPR (head) ABS (handle, cap) ABS with Silver Plating (décor rings)

Power Source & Level:
2 AAA batteries which provide moderate power.

Noise Level:

Moderate- You would not be able to hear it outside of a room with the door closed, but you could if you were in the room.

To learn more or purchase see Divine Inspiration
Jun 29th

Best Sex Toy of the Day: Pirates Rocket

By Holistic Wisdom
Pirates Rocket VibratorsPictures really do not do these vibrators justice as they are really beautiful when you see them up close. However, that is not why we love them so much.

These vibrators are really fantastic for both vaginal play and they are powerful! They are excellent performers and are examples of how even the most traditional type of sex toy has come a long way.

Learn more and purchase one - Pirates Rocket Vibrators
Sep 25th

My Mini Miracle Massager Electro Kit Review

By Holistic Wisdom
See How to
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Ranking: 4 out of 5 Stars
Vibration Power: 4 out of 5
Noise Level: 4 out of 5

By CalExotics

The My Mini-Miracle Massager Pleasure Kit is a light, rechargeable multi-use massager that offers power while still being eco-friendly.

Very powerful for the small and compact size and provides two attachments. It is discreet looking as it could easily pass for a general body massager. Because it is rechargeable it does not require batteries and allows you to simply charge it and play. The best sexual use is for nipple, clitoris and penis stimulation.

The handle also vibrates which makes it challenging to hold for a long period of time. It is also a louder sex toy making it less discreet when it comes to volume. It is not annoyingly loud but it can be heard through a closed door. Not intended to be inserted as attachments may come off during use.

The My Mini-Miracle Massager Pleasure Kit is perfect for body massage as well as sexual stimulation and can be used by singles or couples. It has two speeds of vibration controlled by a slide control button. We found that for sexual stimulation the material felt much better when used with a waterbased or silicone lubricant for sexual stimulation. The phthalate-free PVC material was unaffected when used with body oil and massage cream.
The massager is electric and needs to be plugged in and charged to use. It requires a 120 volt AC which is the standard electrical outlet in the USA and Canada.

The My Mini-Miracle Massager Pleasure Kit is easy to clean as you can just wipe it down with sex toy cleaner. The attachments can be washed with soap and water, but as this sex toy is not waterproof, do not wash off the main wand.

1.75”x 1”/ 4.5 cm x 2.5 cm (probe tip)
3.5”x 1.5”/ 9 cm x 3.75 cm (tongue tip)
1.75”/ 4.5 cm (head diameter)

Made with Polypropelyne & PVC:
food-grade material, hypoallergenic, latex free,  phthalate free.

See this product with more attachment options through the similar My Mini Miracle Massager Electro Kit

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May 14th

Vibrators are for Women as Porn is for Men

By Holistic Wisdom
If you have ever wondered if porn is healthy for men to watch, and why some women are offended by a man watching it you should read this article-