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Jun 6th

Adult Vacations

By Holistic Wisdom
Adult Vacation Ideas-

If you want to take an erotic vacation for just the two of you, then check out these sensual resources for romantic vacations-

Jan 24th

Valentine's Day Ideas

By Holistic Wisdom
It is through the moments we share not the gifts we give that make life most rewarding. We as a society can easily get caught up in status symbols and focus on what our partner gives us in gifts where there tends to be an exaggerated importance on the object itself rather than the experiences you share.


Valentine's Day Ideas Article

Mar 31st

How to Ask for Better Sex?

By Holistic Wisdom

When you are with a partner, it can be very uncomfortable to bring up sex, let alone make a suggestion for improvement. After all, the last thing you want to do is hurt their feelings.

There are some tips that may make it easier to ask your partner for better sex without insulting them below. See our article-

Mar 24th

Ex Sex: What You Wished Your Ex-Lover Had Known

By Holistic Wisdom

Everyone has a sexual do and don't list. It is what we want and what we do not desire when it comes to sex. The biggest problem is that sometimes our partner does not have the same list. Read what some of our readers have said about what they wished their ex-lovers had known-

Ex Sex: What You Wished Your Ex-Lover Had Known
Dec 8th

What Keeps A Long Term Relationship Going?

By Holistic Wisdom
Ever wonder what the most important things are when it comes to keeping a relationship intimate and going strong for the long-term?

Read our article that reviews core attributes that make a loving relationship go the distance.

Long Term Romance - Keeping Intimacy Going
Nov 24th

Don't Forget The One You Love This Holiday Season

By Holistic Wisdom
With so much going on in our lives it can be easy to forget the one you love by taking time out to spend with them and do something special together. See our article on how to make this holiday special beyond the norm-

The Holidays-

A Time to Celebrate One Another

Nov 11th

The 2 - 4 Year Itch

By Holistic Wisdom
Did you know that there is an actual chemical high that you experience when you fall in love or are attracted to someone?

That is why in a new relationship you can stay up all night with your lover and still not feel tired. However, these chemical highs only last for 2 - 4 years and are why there is the term ‘honeymoon period’ when it comes to relationships.

So is every relationship doomed to become boring and unfulfilling after the honeymoon period ends? Not at all; the good news is there are different chemical highs that begin afterward and the potential for a long lasting and fulfilling relationship is most definitely a possibility.

Read more about the 2 – 4 year Itch that couples experience and how to keep things fun and creative long afterward.
Jul 13th

Divorce Parties

By Holistic Wisdom
Divorce can be a very painful experience and some people are making the most of it by having a Divorce Party.

Some  divorce parties are somewhat vengeful with things like graphic cakes depicting their ex-spouse falling to their death off the side of the cake, etc. While there is humor and a release of frustration with such things,  we suggest making the divorce party more meaningful and about the positive changes that can be made to one's life when taking on a new direction.

Focusing on anger and revenge does not allow you to grow and change for the better to create a healthier life for yourself.  By making a divorce party a positive celebration you can not only benefit from the support of your friends but experience some very meaningful symbolic moments during it.

See more here -  Divorce Party Ideas
Jun 18th

Loss of Desire in a Relationship: Keeping the Spark

By Holistic Wisdom
It is completely normal to lose the initial spark after you have been with a partner for a while. Below is an article that will explore how you can "keep the Spark."

Loss of Sexual Desire Article
Jun 15th

When is Infidelity Okay?

By Holistic Wisdom
Explore how to approach cheating on your lover and give your own opinion regarding this article-

When is it alright to cheat on a spouse or significant other?