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Aug 21st

Discreet Vs. Discrete

By Holistic Wisdom
Discreet Sex ToysThe number one request that we receive from customers is to ship our sex toys discreetly. That is an easy request for us as we ALWAYS ship discreetly. Many times we have joked that if we shipped our products anymore discreetly they would be invisible.

One of the most interesting things that we see on competitor websites and through requests is a very common spelling error regarding how to spell discreet. Many make the mistake of spelling it as discrete. Therefore, we thought we would help out regarding this common mistake-

Discreet Definition-
The word discreet means to subtly and skillfully handle a situation in a manner that avoids embarrassment. This is of course is the word that best describes how we ship our sexual products as we always offer discreet shipping.

Discrete Definition-
The word discrete is a mathematical term that means to separate distinct parts of data.

So if you ever find a sex toy company selling discrete sex toys, they most likely are in need of a spelling lesson or they really like mathematically analyzing their sex toys. LOL

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discreetly shipped sex toys
May 14th

Temporary Penis Tattoos

By Holistic Wisdom
We are always amused at the new products that are coming out for sexual stimulation as well as sexual humor. These temporary penis tattoos were no exception. We found them to be rather humorous.

I immediately imagined by husband pulling down his pants for some sexual fun only to find his manhood dressed in a tuxedo or have a message for me on his manhood. I would be on the floor rolling with laughter and that might actually be a fun way to start the sex play. LOL

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