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May 3rd

Grace and Frankie- Sex Toys for Older Women

By Holistic Wisdom

If you enjoy the hit show as seen on Netflix- Grace and Frankie starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, then the topic of sex toys for elderly women is something you will be familiar with as in season three they launch their company Vybrant and introduce their first Ménage à Moi vibrator

Many who watch the show want to know if this is a real sex toy and if so where can you get one? After all, the fictional sex toy distributor Purple Orchid in the show is not selling them.

If you want to learn more and are okay with some spoilers, check out the inside scoop into the real life review of the Ménage à Moi by Vybrant-


Apr 27th

Masque Oral Sex Strip Review & More

By Holistic Wisdom

Masque Sexual FlavorsLearn about a new product for enhancing oral sex called Masque Sexual Flavors that does not just cover up the taste of a man's ejaculate, but removes any undesirable flavors such as saltiness, bitterness and proteins found in semen through a breath strip style solution. Simply place it on your tongue and let it activate so that swallowing during a blow job is palatable for anyone to enjoy.

Read more as well as see Masque Sexual Flavor Strip reviews-


Jul 24th

Fifty Shades Sex Toy News

By Holistic Wisdom
In  Fifty Shades news, the trailer is being released tomorrow - July 24th 2014 and will reveal glimpses into the hot and heavy scenes of the highly anticipated movie.

With many fans buying the Fifty Shades sex toys and related products there are some things you may want to know about them such as the difference between U.K. lubricants versus the U.S. versions and even a change that has been made to an existing Fifty Shades toy called the Charlie Tango.

Learn more through this helpful article-

Ten Things You May Not Know About the Fifty Shades Sex Toys
Aug 10th

'Fifty Shades Effect' Blamed for Handcuff Incidents

By Holistic Wisdom
Fifty Shades HandcuffsIn both the USA and the UK, emergency responders (911 calls and the Fire Brigade / Fire Department) have seen a sharp rise in incidents where couples looking for a Fifty Shades sexy adventure of inadvertently locked themselves to something with handcuffs they cannot get out of when they cannot find the key.

Luckily those customers that bought the Official Fifty Shades handcuffs do not have that problem as there are emergency release buttons built in.

See Fifty Shades Handcuffs Here
Jun 15th

Overcoming Sexual Inhibitions in Society

By Holistic Wisdom
Sexual InhibitionsOur society has a love and hate relationship with sexuality and it is time that we start to really examine the underlying causes of the fears we have about sex. By not doing this we are simply doomed to repeat dysfunctional patterns.

The following article is about over coming sexual inhibitions in our society and why it is so important.

When We Struggle with Our Sexuality
Apr 8th

The New Revolutionary Condom: Origami Condoms

By Holistic Wisdom
Origami CondomsCondoms have been pretty much the same since the early 1900's and with the exception of sizes and ribbing, there really has not been anything amazingly different to shout from the rooftops about... until now.

There is a new condom that is about to hit the market that basically revolutionizes condoms. They are made of silicone, they make sex even safer, they won't break or come off easily and they enhance pleasure on a level for both partners to a point that makes it feel like you are not even using one. Talk about amazing.

So what is this new silicone condom you may be wondering? They are called Origami Condoms and they come in three different styles-

1) The Origami Condom for Men
2) The Origami Condom for Women
3) The Origami Condom for Anal Sex

Learn more about them as well as find out where to buy Origami Condoms. Also, make sure to watch videos that show you how they compare to old style condoms as it will leave you wanting to try one.

See More: Origami Condoms

Jul 2nd

Penis Pump in Magic Mike Movie

By Holistic Wisdom

Penis Pump- Magic MikeDid you catch the penis pump shown in Steven Soderbergh's male stripper movie "Magic Mike", starring Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer?

It is why they called Joe Manganiello's character Big Dick Richie.

Penis Pumps
Apr 16th

Why are Sex Toys sold as Adult Novelties?

By Holistic Wisdom

Sex Toys Defined as Adult NoveltiesHave you ever wondered why sex toys that are sold on health focused websites are still referred to as Adult Novelties? After all, it would seem that it would be marketed as a sexual health product.

Read our article that reviews some of the
reasons that even companies like ours
refer to high quality, medical grade sexual
devices as sex toys and adult novelties-

Mar 2nd

Couples Vacations

By Holistic Wisdom

Looking to have some sexy and romantic fun for a weekend or vacation? Check our article that covers important questions you should answer before selecting a get-a-way at a resort, retreat or work shop as well as links to well known sexy resorts for some fun and creativity in and out of the bedroom for both monogamous couples or swingers, nude or clothed-


Jan 21st

The Gspot- Is There or Isn't There One?

By Holistic Wisdom

A new article released is saying there is no gspot when in reality the researchers said they could not define it. There is a big difference and a complicated explanation as to why, but if you are interested, give this a read-