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Feb 10th

Edible Massage Oil Candles

By Holistic Wisdom

Massage Oil CandlesOne of the most loved products by our staff are the edible massage oil candles by Earthly Body. If you have not heard of massage oil candles in general, they are wonderful candles that you can use as a regular scented candle, but one that you can also use to pour the warmed oil onto your partner's skin and massage in for a sumptuous treat. The massage oil candles that we carry are fabulous for your skin and feel great with many great scents.

Earthly Body Massage Oil CandlesHowever, above and beyond are the edible flavors. These are not only great for the skin; they taste and smell incredibly good. They are not at all sticky and allow you to enjoy sensual massage by engaging all of your senses.

We sell many of these as stocking stuffers, but they are also great party favors for bachelorette parities, bridal showers and even birthdays. They are often combined with luxury sex toys to set the mood for an extravagant evening for lovers that enjoy creativity and a new experience.

They are available in Cherry, Strawberry, Watermelon, Chocolate Truffle, Peach, Mint and Vanilla Ice Cream. Yum!

See Edible Massage Oil Candles

Oct 14th

Oral Sex Solution

By Holistic Wisdom
Tenga Deep Throat Cup
Men generally love oral sex however, getting an enthusiastic partner to give a great blow up can sometimes prove difficult. That is why it is nice to see a sex toy for men that provides a solution for both solo and couples play.

Having a lover slide the Deep Throat Tenga cup up and down the shaft of your penis provides amazing sucking sensations.

Learn more about the Tenga Deep Throat, see a video and better understand how this popular sex toy for men can enhance masturbation or play time with a partner.

Tenga Deep Throat Cups
Jun 29th

How to Get Your Lover in the Mood for Sex

By Holistic Wisdom
Getting Your Lover in the Mood for SexToday’s challenges bring with it a variety of things that can lower sex drive. From health problems, poor diet, lack of exercise and sleep to things like stress, medications, birth control pills and more it is amazing that many of even have a sex drive left after the honeymoon period in our relationship fades.

Learn how to get your lover in the mood and start your way back to a more creative, fun sex life that will create intimacy and loads of physical pleasure.

See article on How to Get Your Lover in the Mood for Sex
Jun 1st

What is a Whole Body Orgasm?

By Holistic Wisdom
This orgasm can be brought about by stimulation to any body part including the mind. In fact, many eastern cultures have long practiced whole body orgasms through techniques varying from kama sutra positions to meditation. It is most often achieved with overcoming inhibitions and completely surrendering oneself to the sexual experience.

A technique that is found helpful in reaching this type of orgasm is using the breath as a tool. Breathing in short, sexually heightened breaths create a sense of euphoria and allows for the body to experience increased sensitivity.

It is felt in waves throughout the entire body and a rush of vibrations tingle within and throughout the body. Many describe feeling almost transported to a spiritual place in which they are experience pure bliss.

Many couples use massage to assist in preparing for such sexual experiences. See our amazing sensual massage products.

May 31st

Is There Such A Thing As A Mental Orgasm?

By Holistic Wisdom

This orgasm can be brought about by visual and auditory environmental stimulation (i.e.: sexual behavior exhibited in front of the individual via in-person, movies, or other). Women can become so turned on by this type of stimulation that they actually climax from the sheer excitement they are experiencing in their mind. It has been long said that desire is in the mind and this type of orgasm is a good example of that.  Those skilled in such methods as meditation and deep mind focus are generally more skilled at achieving this type of orgasm.

The sensation of this orgasm will vary from person to person, however most women indicate that this kind of orgasm is felt in the genitals, primarily the clitoris and g-spot, and thus produces a similar feeling to those types of orgasms.

See Tips for Getting in the Mood
May 29th

Should a Woman Self Stimulate During Sex?

By Holistic Wisdom

In order to reach orgasm a woman needs to be sufficiently aroused, which means she needs to know what makes her feel good. If touching herself during sex helps her to reach higher levels of pleasure, then by all means- touch, rub, tap, and squeeze the clitoris, nipples or whatever area enhances arousal.

You can also use a sex toy to further stimulate yourself during sex.  There are a multitude of choices that offer a variety of vibrations, waterproof for water play, strap on clitoral stimulation, anal toys that can be inserted during vaginal intercourse, etc.

May 5th

Kama Sutra Massage Oils- Decadent

By Holistic Wisdom

Kama Sutra Massage OilsGive or receive a sensual massage with Kama Sutra natural massage oils that have exquisite scents and are hypoallergenic-   

Learn more about-

Kama Sutra
Massage Oils
Apr 1st

Having Sex in Water? Great or Overrated?

By Holistic Wisdom

Sex & WaterThere are many movies and
books that portray having sex
in water as being amazing.

The romantic ocean, lake, pool,
bathtub scene all have had a
place in the spotlight.  However,
those who have tried it may have
already discovered the pitfalls of
having sex in water.

To learn what can go wrong
along with suggestions on how
to make the most of sexual exploration in water, see our article-

Sex In Water: Challenges & Suggestions
Feb 8th

Making Sex More Enticing- Especially for Women

By Holistic Wisdom

Studies show many women prefer a trip to the spa or the movies over sex. There is a very simple reason why. Read this article on how to make sex more appealing and satisfying for both of you.

Nov 1st

Having Sex In Public

By Holistic Wisdom
Learn why many couples enjoy having sex in public as well as tips on how to do it and sex toys that you can use to make it even more amazing-