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Jun 19th

Religion & Sexual Repression

By Holistic Wisdom
Read one woman's story about her years of sexual repression through religious beliefs and where it led her. This is a true story submitted by one of our readers-

May 14th

The Vagina Article - Ya Gotta Love It

By Jaz
I just loved the article that Dr. Lawless wrote. My favorite part was the discussion about the hymen. I think so many people are seriously screwed up in the head when it comes to their sexuality and it was so cool to see her address these myths about a women's purity.

If you have not read this article, here it is... awesome and worth the read-

Apr 26th

Bored with your sex toys? You should build a better one.

By Herekittykitty
Recently I was bored with everything in my sex toy treasure chest. I didn’t feel like buying anything at that moment as I was looking for something to use on myself right then. Looking through my little (Ok it isn’t really little) box of toys I see that I have Glass dildos, duel action vibrators, Penis sleeves, vibrating penis sleeves, cock rings, cock rings with vibrating bullets, cock rings with vibrating bullets for the clitoris and for the anus. All in all, quit a plethora of things to work with.  I devise a plan to start making Frankenstein toys by mixing different sex toys. Hey if Eddie Van Halen can do it with his guitars I can do it with my sex toys.

A Phallix glass dildo covered with an Invisi-Rider Sleeve. Add to that a Duet vibrating cock ring and you have a super thick vibrating new dildo that will hit all your spots. Whenever I shop for a new sex toy I always add little things to my order like cock rings and bullets, lubes and sleeves. That way I can come up with never ending combinations of sex toys that are not available any where else.  The way I see it is you never have to feel limited to what a single toy can do as long as you have an imagination.  Glass dildos and plain vibrators should be looked at as the Mr. Potato head of your adult toy box.  You can add all kinds of things to them. 
Apr 26th

Holistic Wisdom videos

By JLawless

I have recently been reminded that Holistic Wisdom put out a video commercial a few years ago to promote our adult store. I’d love to see our community members rate it on Funny or Not. It looks like at 245 views I’m 93% funny. I’d like to think of my self as 100% funny but I guess you have to play the hand you are dealt.

My wife has put together a new video commercial and I think it’s 100% funny. It’s about a robot that loses his junk and how his buddy helps him come up with a solution that works. I’d tell you more but I don’t want to give it away. It does involve sex toys, that much I'll say.

Apr 19th

Celebrate Earth Day with an eco friendly toy!

By JLawless
April 22nd is Earth day and what better way to celebrate it than treating yourself to a green eco friendly sex toy, and no sex toy says I love the earth like a phallix glass dildo.  Each Phallix dildo is a work of art. Unlike normal sex toys that break and are tossed in the trash Phallix toys are hand crafted from super strong pyrex glass that last for years and years thus reducing land fill space.  Use coupon code FEACCESS to get 10% off and a free E-book with any purchase over $34.00.