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May 15th

Twilight Movie - Breaking Dawn Causing A Stir Over Sex Scenes

By Cheri

For you Twihard fans, the last installments of Twilight movie series Breaking Dawn is looking as though it will be serving up some controversial sexy scenes. Stephanie Meyer who wrote the Twilight series did so for herself and never intended for the book series to be so focused on tweens. However, it was marketed that way and now, taken from her last book Breaking Dawn, the movie will offer a more grown up approach to life including some romantic sex scenes and even child birth. Mind you that the sex scenes are between Edward Cullen  (Robert Pattinson) and Bella Swan / Bella Cullen (Kristen Stewart) who are both virgins, adults and who waited until marriage to have sex. Seems a little tame if you ask me.

It also seems that there is already talk from overly concerned parents that feel they should worry about their tween kids seeing the movie. What is comical is that there has not been any controversy about the violence in the movie because in our sexually hypocritical society violence is fine, it is sex that we should really be concerned about.

Our society is yet again focused on things that are quite natural and should not be considered taboo. This is no porn movie and will be rather tame when it comes to sex scenes. As for childbirth, it is probably a good idea that your children know where they came from so they can appreciate the sacrifice it takes to bring them into this world and the personal joy you feel once they arrive.

Time to get our priorities straight people. When are you going to focus on more important things for your children; such as the fact that most schools do not even come close to teaching them what they need to know to make it in the real world? The last thing you should worry about is seeing a couple in love that shows absolute respect for one another.

 Pictures of the new Breaking Dawn movie can be seen on IMDB