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May 31st

Checking female Egyptian protesters for Virginity

By Herekittykitty
After months of denials, a senior Egyptian General has admitted that female protesters were subjected to virginity checks.

A report filed with Amnesty International a couple weeks after the March 9th protest alleges that the female protesters were strip-searched, given electric shocks, beaten, threatened with prostitution charges and made to submit to virginity checks. At the time this was denied by Major Amr Imam.

However, a General has now come forward and is confirming that the checks did happen and he is defending the practice. The general who did not want to be identified stated "The girls who were detained were not like your daughter or mine. These were girls who had camped out in tents with male protesters in Tahrir Square, and we found in the tents Molotov cocktails and (drugs)."

The checks were done as a precaution so the women could not later say they had been raped or tortured. According to the general none of the seventeen women were virgins.

A statement from the Egypt’s Supreme Counsil Of Armed Forces said “The accusations that we did virginity tests are not acceptable. We deny it then and we deny it now.”
May 17th

San Francisco man become first human to be cured of AIDS.

By Herekittykitty

A 45 year old man in San Francisco became the first man to be cured of AIDS. The man, Timothy Ray Brown, also known as “The Berlin patient” was cured after a stem cell bone marrow transplant from donor who is immune to HIV. According to Doctors there is a small percentage of the population that is immune to HIV.

Mr. Brown received the transplant after a resurgence of Leukemia. The Leukemia has been cured as well. At this point Doctors have yet to pin point the part of the treatment responsible for the cure. Clinical trials will begin in 2012.

May 16th

A few things to turn a ho hum blowjob into an incredible blowjob.

By Herekittykitty

One of my favorite things to do when performing fellatio on my husband is to gently tap on his anus. No pushing the finger inside, just a gentle tapping. I can feel him pucker when my finger hits the skin. It’s a little thing that just drives him wild. I also will use a little lubricant and slowly massage his anus. Going in small circles and applying pressure but not pushing my finger in will guarantee that he doesn’t last too long and give me a sore jaw.

Another thing to do is to use a good tasting edible lubricant. If you are not one who enjoys this but does it to please your lover it will make it a little more enjoyable for both of you. Also if you do not want to swallow remember that men are visual creatures and will love to see their semen splash your face or breasts. You could also let him cum in your mouth but let it dribble out. Most men will have no problem with this. Does anyone have any suggestions that I have left out?

May 15th

Does dressing like a 'Slut' make it your fault if you are sexually assaulted?

By Herekittykitty

I know this is a bit old but I still wanted to say something about it. This all revolves around an incident that happened in Toronto on Jan 24th 2011.  A representative from the Toronto Police gave the following statement. “Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized”.  A statement that appears to blame the victim.  Following this there were planned protests called Slut Walks in various cities around the world.

What I want to know is how many people agree with what the police spokes person said.  I know most of the FOX news talking heads think the Toronto Police department was right, but how many sane people believe this?  Is dressing provocatively just asking for it?  Should women in America now cover up like women in more religiously repressive countries because men aren't able to resist the temptation to rape?

Apr 26th

Bored with your sex toys? You should build a better one.

By Herekittykitty
Recently I was bored with everything in my sex toy treasure chest. I didn’t feel like buying anything at that moment as I was looking for something to use on myself right then. Looking through my little (Ok it isn’t really little) box of toys I see that I have Glass dildos, duel action vibrators, Penis sleeves, vibrating penis sleeves, cock rings, cock rings with vibrating bullets, cock rings with vibrating bullets for the clitoris and for the anus. All in all, quit a plethora of things to work with.  I devise a plan to start making Frankenstein toys by mixing different sex toys. Hey if Eddie Van Halen can do it with his guitars I can do it with my sex toys.

A Phallix glass dildo covered with an Invisi-Rider Sleeve. Add to that a Duet vibrating cock ring and you have a super thick vibrating new dildo that will hit all your spots. Whenever I shop for a new sex toy I always add little things to my order like cock rings and bullets, lubes and sleeves. That way I can come up with never ending combinations of sex toys that are not available any where else.  The way I see it is you never have to feel limited to what a single toy can do as long as you have an imagination.  Glass dildos and plain vibrators should be looked at as the Mr. Potato head of your adult toy box.  You can add all kinds of things to them.